Sometimes it is just a few minutes of peace and calm that is needed to reenergize us; In Touch gives you a few days.  Instead of running around seeing sights you will move gently into your own well-being.  With spa treatments each day, balanced meals and the peace and tranquility of the countryside you will melt into your natural rhythm of being.  This vacation allows you to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and a giant leap into harmony with yourself.  

Each moment, each breath, the opportunity

Your In Touch Spa vacation includes:
    * 2 nights accommodations
    * Breakfast and 5 course dinner including wine and apperitive
    * 2 spa treatments of your choice
additional days can be added please see rates

Besides your spa treatments your day can be filled with hikes, horseback riding, river walking, reading, nap taking and exploring the area.

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